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natural stone reclaimed

  • Stone Curators | Reclaimed + Natural Stone Supplier

    WE''RE YOUR RECLAIMED +. NATURAL STONE SUPPLIER. We work closely with architects, designers, and contractors to turn their plans and designs into reality. Each step of the way—from sourcing to fabrication to delivery and beyond—we''re your right hand—helping solve any stone challenge you''ve got.

  • Reclaimed Granite Natural Stone Steps

    Reclaimed Granite Natural Stone Steps are rock hard granite steps that can vary in color from gray to tan, which are often present on the same step. Very easy to work with these are roughly dimensional steps that work very well alone, or incorporated into a stone wall.

  • Reclaimed Yorkstone – BBS Natural Stone Specialists

    Reclaimed flags have a great rustic appearance and are generally buff to grey. These flags will require very little maintenance, if any at all. This is a perfect product for pavements where a rustic look is required. We always have stock of reclaimed paving, please let us know your requirements and I''m sure we can help.

  • Rhodes Architectural Stone | Natural and Reclaimed Stone ...

    All natural stone pieces are cut to size before shipping, meaning minimal cutting and shaping onsite, reduced stone wastage, reduced installation time and faster completion of your project. With Rhodes Architectural Stone, you''ll enjoy a unique, outstanding stone project unlike any other.

  • Natural Stone Veneer

    Explore our natural stone veneer, reclaimed wood, wood beams, reclaimed brick, reclaimed brick veneer, natural stone cobble, hearths, mantles and more. Manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the highest product quality and fast order delivery.

  • Old Walling Stone

    2012-5-28 · Reclaimed Yorkshire stone walling is second to none. The combination of natural colouring textures and it''s extreme durability make it very desirable building medium. Bingley Stone can source reclaimed stone walling in a variety …

  • Sustainability

    2021-11-22 · Sustainability Stone Source offers over 100 product lines featuring sustainable attributes. This distinct selection of products includes: natural stone, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, glass tile, reclaimed wood and more.The products listed below may contribute to LEED points. Collection Name HPD EPD LEED Alpino Arena Artwork Avenida …

  • Reclaimed Recycled Natural Stone

    2020-11-17 · Reclaimed Natural Stone as Storyteller. Where did the stone come from? From which building or bridge or village was it reclaimed? Upcycling is common for other reused building materials, e.g. the farmhouse dining table crafted using reclaimed wood from the floorboards of a distillery, etc. It is also true for stone.

  • Natural Stone | London Reclaimed Brick Merchants

     · Product Details Reclaimed Granite – Pink Cubes. Reclaimed granite setts are ideal for driveways, courtyards, patios, pathways or features, and as an alternative to block paving. Natural stone setts are extremely hard wearing and versatile and unlike man made products, they will improve with age.

  • Antique Stone Veneer | Stone Farm

    Antique Stone Veneer. Stone veneer is made from natural stone found throughout the world. Unlike modern stone veneer which is typically quarried and freshly fabricated, we scourer to country looking for old buildings that were built using stone veneer in the past. Each load of stone veneer we bring in to our yard will sure tell a story and ...

  • Natural Reclaimed Stone | Stone Curators

    RECLAIMED STONE. Old stone that has been salvaged from roads, bridges, etc., which are no longer in use, and are repurposed to create something new. Granite, limestone and sandstone are the most common reclaimed stone types.

  • Natural Stone

    Natural Stone - Premier Reclaimed Bricks. Twitter Facebook Instagram . 020 8684 3537 [email protected] .uk. Open Mobile Menu. Home. Reclaimed Bricks. Brick Cutting. Brick Matching. Timber, Slates & Tiles.

  • Natural Stone | London Reclaimed Brick Merchants

    Product Details Reclaimed Granite – Pink Cubes. Reclaimed granite setts are ideal for driveways, courtyards, patios, pathways or features, and as an alternative to block paving. Natural stone setts are extremely hard wearing and versatile and unlike man …

  • Reclaimed Belgian Bluestone | De Opkamer | Antique …

    Reclaimed Belgian Bluestone Antique Belgian bluestone floorings are considered as one of the best construction materials in Europe. It is widely used in Belgium and the Netherlands as flooring for indoors as outdoors in public buildings, …

  • Rolling Rock Building Stone, Inc.Reclaimed • Rolling Rock ...

    Rolling Rock Building Stone, Inc. 40 Rolling Rock Road Boyertown, PA 19512 Phone: (610) 987-6226 | Fax: (610) 987-9779

  • Natural Reclaimed Stone | Stone Curators

    Reclaimed stone has a story behind it. For example, we recently sourced cobblestone from Auburn, Maine which once had the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus parade over them. THE WEATHERED LOOK — Rain, sleet, and snow create a natural patina on reclaimed stone that cannot be artificially replicated.

  • Reclaimed Brick

    2021-8-5 · Reclaimed thin bricks are used on a facade of a stationary shop selling traditional Chinese brush, ink and art paper. This is an antique drug store with brick wall. These Chinese classical style courtyard brick-walls are built with round door ways which forms a natural frame for the landscape and gives a sense of deepness.

  • Reclaimed stone

    Reclaimed stone flooring, paving and tiles. Salvaged from old buildings, pavements, churches, demolition sites and many other settings, our select range of reclaimed stone materials includes old terracotta roof tiles repurposed as flooring through to huge stone slabs removed from busy streets where they have been walked on for decades, even centuries.

  • Reclaimed + Natural Stone Collection | Stone Curators

    STONE FOR DRIVEWAYS. Your driveway sets the mood. It''s your transition from public to private space. Use distinctive reclaimed cobblestones, plank pavers, antique street bricks and more, with color tones of tans, reds, and grays—sawn or natural edge and even foot worn.

  • Reclaimed Stone Case Study – Natural Stone Council

    2021-11-11 · April 2009 rev. Sept 2018. (c) COPYRIGHT 2009 NATURAL STONE COUNCIL. Download Reclaimed Stone Case Study. Building construction, demolition and renovation activity produces nearly 160 million tons of waste every year – almost one-third of the country''s non-hazardous solid waste. 1 Coupling this with the quickly diminishing landfill space in ...

  • Natural Stone | London Reclaimed Brick Merchants

    Natural Reclaimed Stone | Stone Curators

  • Natural Stone & Reclaimed Natural Stone | GB …

    The versatility of natural stone makes it ideal for bespoke masonry and carvings. All of which is available and managed by GB Construction Supplies with our in-house design, scheduling and fixing advice. The reclaimed walling stone we offer is …

  • Natural Stone | Edward''s Stone

    NATURAL STONE COLLECTIONS. ... Mantels, Hand Hewn Beams, Flagstone, Stone Caps, Reclaimed Wood, Reclaimed Brick, MSI Stone, Outcroppings, Pavers, Sills, And Steps. We are open to the public and we can help both Residential and Commercial Clients. ...

  • Natural Stone Products | Reclaimed Stone | Steptoes Yard

    See our full range of natural stone products here, we have everything from natural stone paving flags, reclaimed cobbles and stone garden features.

  • Reclaimed Stone | CED Stone

    natural-stone; reclaimed-stone; Reclaimed Stone. Explore beautiful natural stone that has stood the test of time for hundreds of years. Stone has a wonderful tendency to improve in appearance over time; many streets in our British towns and cities have been laid for hundreds of years with lumpy, worn cobbles and aged paving flags. ...

  • Old Stone Trough _ Old Stone Trough

    2019-11-2 · We Eastwood Old stone teams are collecting all kinds of old reclaimed stone from farmer house and some remote areas, even the old house from isolated island with hundreds years of use. Old stone range: millstone, trough, flagstone, planter …

  • Antiqued or reclaimed stone

    Reclaimed stone Salvaged from old buildings, pavements, churches, demolition sites and many other settings, reclaimed stone is just that – reclaimed for reuse somewhere else. This can vary from old terracotta roof tiles repurposed as flooring through to huge stone slabs removed from busy streets where they have been walked on for decades ...

  • Sustainability Reclaimed – | Stone Farm

    Using reclaimed stone and reclaimed thin brick veneer in home, commercial and landscaping projects allows the reuse of materials without further processing, leaving it unaltered to retain its original technical and structural properties.. By purchasing natural stone, reclaimed stone and reclaimed brick products you are eligible for credits in a few different environmental …

  • the STONE SALVAGE Company

    Reclaimed, antique, hand carved, foundation stone salvaged from abandoned and demolished buildings, or highway and railroad bridges. Reclaimed, hand cut, 5 and 6 sided, pick, chisel, or crandle finished barnstone and bridgestone. Natural or quarried dimensional, sandstone, fieldstone, top rock, and ledgerock. Planters, stone pots, and troughs.

  • Natural Stone, Reclaimed Wood, Reclaimed Brick | Prescott ...

    2021-2-9 · Telluride Natural Stone and Reclaimed Wood stands proudly as the largest and most capable production facility for natural stone, reclaimed wood, and reclaimed brick products in the South Western United States. Our factory is a 22,000 square foot facility with 10 stone saws, 2 stone splitters, and 5 wood milling machines.

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