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  • Maintenance of work equipment

    2021-11-25 · PUWER requires that: all work equipment be maintained in an efficient state, in efficient order and in good repair; where any machinery has a maintenance log, the log is kept up to date; and that maintenance operations on work equipment can be carried out safely.

  • Common Playground Equipment Names | Miracle Recreation

    Common Terms for Playground Equipment. Playgrounds of all shapes and sizes offer kids the opportunity to play. The bright colors and stimulating configurations of a great playground can engage kids in ways they don''t experience anywhere else, giving them a chance to let their imaginations run wild.While playgrounds have evolved over the years to include more safety …

  • The Rules of Thirds

    The rule of thirds is a composition concept where we split out our image into nine equal squares. We use these segments — and the lines they create — to help us compose our images better. You can add these guidelines on most camera displays, and we suggest turning them on if your camera allows it.

  • Personal Protective Equipment Hazard Assessment ...

    The form can serve as a written certification of the PPE Hazard Assessment. For guidance contact [email protected] . Instructions: Conduct a PPE Hazard Assessment: Initially. When tasks or conditions change. Or when PPE is deemed ineffective. Perform a walkthrough of the work area and task or job to be performed.

  • What is Corrective Maintenance? Definition & Examples

    Corrective maintenance may be performed on a wide variety of equipment, systems, and processes. Here are a few examples: Production line. A technician is performing preventive maintenance on a line of production equipment and …


    2014-2-26 · Identify the line break point for each isolated section that may contain a solid, liquid, or gas by wrapping the point(s) with line break tape. If necessary, review job preparations and isolation methods with the Equipment Owner to jointly agree on the location of line break point(s). ** See Storestock item # 28-909-0412 for Line Break Tape.


    2014-7-18 · The term "wire rope" is used in this module, ratherthan "cable," to avoid any possible confusion with electrical cables. This module is not intended to cover wire ropes that are used for hoisting persons. In the sand, gravel, and crushed stone industry, wire ropes are used primarily on draglines, power shovels, and drillng equipment.

  • Order Picking: Methods and Equipment for Piece Pick, …

    2019-5-21 · As with the picking methods, the picking equipment used will also depend on a variety of factors. Static shelving. The most common equipment for storage in piece pick operations, static shelving is designed with depths from 12" to 24". Product is either placed directly on the shelving or in corrugated, plastic, or steel parts bins.

  • What are the Different Types of Drainage Equipment?

    Drainage equipment usually can be broken down into two categories. First, there are the components of a drainage system, which can refer to things like pipes or septic tanks . Secondly, there is a large variety of different products that help in …

  • Electrical Safety

    2021-10-27 · If you must leave the vehicle (e.g., your vehicle catches on fire), exit by jumping as far as possible – at least 45 to 60 cm (1.5 to 2 feet). Never touch the vehicle or equipment and the ground at the same time. Keep your feet, legs, and arms close to your body.

  • Overhead line equipment – Network Rail

    Overhead line equipment (OLE) refers to the overhead wires and supporting infrastructure that carry electricity at 25,000 volts to power electric trains. Watch the video below to see how we install OLE. OLE and your property. Safety is our number one priority – we place new equipment in a suitable location where access can be gained in the ...

  • 10 Types of Noise in Audio and how to Get Rid of it for ...

    2021-11-26 · The electronic equipment in your signal path adds noise and although most modern equipment is pretty quiet, but multiple gain stages followed by compression further down the line can boost this noise floor making it obvious.

  • Guidelines for Road Markings

    2018-7-9 · no centre line is provided for roads having width less than 5 m and for roads having more than four lanes with the central verge. The centre line may be marked with single broken line, single solid line, double broken line, or double …

  • Safety Guidelines for Magnetic Resonance Imaging …

    2021-2-4 · Safety Guidelines for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment in Clinical Use 5/86 1 Introduction 1.1 Background This is the 4th edition of the safety guidelines and aims to provide relevant safety information for users of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) equipment in clinical use but will have some relevance in academic

  • Equipment, devices and procedures in the Intensive Care …

    2018-1-26 · Ultrasound is a commonly used device in ICU. It is used to assist the doctor in inserting lines, and also forms an easy and safe investigative tool. Most of the ultrasound machines used in the intensive care are portable and could be used at the bedside. The ultrasound machine has a probe attached to a monitor screen,

  • Depreciation On Equipment

    2021-11-28 · Examples of Depreciation on Equipment. The following are examples of depreciation on equipment. Example #1 – Straight Line Method (SLM) Let''s consider the cost of equipment is $100,000, and if its life value is 3 years and if its salvage value is $40,000, the value of depreciation will be calculated as below.

  • Survey Equipment Instruments

    Surveying Equipment. At SCCS we are a leading supplier and offer a complete range of Survey Equipment Instruments and additions to compliment automatic and digital levels, laser levels, total stations, GNSS/GPS, Machine Control, Hydrographic, Aerial Surveying and rail equipment. For levelling and laser equipment we provide a comprehensive range ...

  • 5 Causes of Equipment Failure and How to Avoid Them | Fiix

    2019-6-26 · 5 common causes of equipment failure. Cause #1: Improper operation. Cause #2: Failure to perform preventive maintenance. Cause #3: Too much …

  • Durable Medical Equipment for Orthopedic Injuries

    2018-8-17 · Durable medical equipment, also known as DME, is a term for equipment that improves the quality of life for people with certain medical conditions, including a wide range of orthopedic injuries.. DME is instrumental in …


    2021-11-13 · • lifting equipment used for lifting persons or preventing a person falling – 6 months. However each time you use lifting equipment you should visually inspect it for defects. If any are found then the equipment must be clearly marked as defective, quarantined and taken out of use. Things to check when inspecting lifting equipment

  • Report a defective product

    2021-11-25 · The manufacture and supply of most equipment used at work - except medical devices, construction products permanently incorporated into buildings (unless also a machine) and the radio or electromagnetic capability aspects of equipment - fall within HSE''s remit and you should report any issues, following the advice on the Notify HSE page. [8] [8] .

  • Using a Circuit Tracer to Detect a Broken Electrical Wire

    This is a testing tool that is a Non-contact tester that I use to easily Detect Voltage in Cables, Cords, Circuit Breakers, Lighting Fixtures, Switches, Outlets and Wires. Simply insert the end of the tester into an outlet, lamp socket, or hold the end of the tester against the wire you wish to test. Very handy and easy to use.


    2014-6-9 · methods, the use of hand tools supported with selected items of light equipment can produce results comparable with those achieved when using only heavy equipment. For every construction activity there is an optimum combination of equipment and labour. In order to utilize the equipment and labour in the most effective way, the use of equipment


    Order Picking: Methods and Equipment for Piece Pick, Case Pick, …

  • 674 Synonyms and Antonyms of BROKEN

    Synonyms for BROKEN: busted, fractured, fragmented, shattered, smashed, craggy, jagged, ragged; Antonyms for BROKEN: unbroken, clean, even, smooth, soft, flat, level ...

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) | WorkSafe.qld.gov

    PPE can include: hearing protective devices, such as ear muffs and ear plugs. respiratory protective equipment. eye and face protection, such as safety glasses and face shields. safety helmets. fall arrest harnesses for working at heights. skin protection, such as gloves, gauntlets and sunscreen. clothing, such as high visibility vests, life ...

  • Frequently Asked Questions | Panamax

    If your protector is damaged by a surge, spike or lightning, call 1-800-472-5555 (this phone number is printed on all Panamax products) and a customer service representative will assist you. 352. There is a gray cover on my Panamax plug. It''s too big to plug into the wall.

  • How can restaurants sell old equipment?

    2018-8-16 · Since you describe the oven as both "broken" and "old," it''s doubtful it will be of value to a used equipment dealer, but I''d recommend starting there. Often old equipment means old and relatively simple technology, meaning it can be …

  • Used industrial machinery

    Rolling machines, metal-presses and welding machines are most commonly used for this. Metal is prepared for industrial machinery using separation processes by being rolled into sheets and then wrapped onto reels. Punching machines and machine tools are used to separate sheet metal. Cutting machines are used to process individual sheet metal.

  • Equipment Isolation Methods for the Process Industries

    Permanent handling equipment shall be provided for all blinds weighing more than 45 kg (100 lb). Most blinds are either of the line or spectacle type. Figure 1 Line Blind. A line blind - also known as a spade, paddle, skillet, pancake, or slip blind …

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